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PlasticLCA tool

A tool in procurement- Evaluate the climate impact of plastic products to optimize the procurement climate footprint and improve business sustainability with our Quick, Easy & Intuitive LCA based plastic tool that based on generic data following ISO 14044.

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ECODESIGN+ allows product developers, designers, and technical experts to calculate, understand, compare, improve and communicate the Product Carbon Footprint of their product. It uses the comprehensive LCI database Ecoinvent (v2.2) and established full life cycle assessment (LCA) practices (ISO 14040/44) for its calculations. Sofwen participated in its development (Ecodesign Company, Austria owns its full rights)

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Sofwen has developed a web based and mobile application of CO2-kalkylator for the Thomas Concrete Group to calculate building material"concrete" footprint. Through this product you can make decision among different types of concrete for a particular construction.

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Easy Management Network

This tool is very useful for internet cafes or other networking environments. The applications includes managing of login & monitoring of working time of employees, customers or visitor in any network environment.

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Coffee Stop Guide

This app is developed by the Sofwen and has large number of users. It is very useful for visitor around the globe. Through this mobile app you can fine the nearest refreshment place.

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Car Street Park Pro

Car Street Park Pro helps you remember where you parked your car whether it is on the street or in multi-storey car park. Its very effective and time saving especially when you have to park your car at rushy area like at city centre, at ceremonies or festival etc.

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