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"In 2015s, Sofwen embarked on a mission to empower companies to enhance development productivity while effectively managing costs. In today's business landscape, cost control is paramount, especially as competition intensifies and customers demand higher quality. At Sofwen, our approach to software solutions is rooted in close collaboration with our clients. This collaborative effort results in bespoke software solutions that are not only user-friendly but also incredibly cost-effective.

At Sofwen, we like to keep things flexible. We work on projects both in our office and at our clients' places. Our projects come in all shapes and sizes. Some are small and straightforward, great for startups. Others are big and complex, perfect for larger companies and organizations that need help with their digital transformation.

This mix of projects means we can help all sorts of clients, whether they're a small startup looking to make their digital transformation easier or a big company with more complex digital transformation needs. We're here to provide customized solutions to make your digital transformation journey as smooth as possible.

With over 15 years of dedicated experience, we have made it our mission to transform your vision of a better world into reality through cutting-edge technology and innovative product development. Our commitment is to partner with you in achieving this shared goal."

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CEO & Development Director


Software development expert

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Dr. Muhammad Arfan

Business Development Officer



Sustainability Analyst

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Fizan Malik

Development Engineer


Mobile Apps develeoper (Android and iOS)

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Qasim Ali

Software Development Engineer

JavaScript .Net C# Expert


Primary office

Köldgatan, 41832, Göteborg, Sweden.

Secondary office

Porfyrvägen, 80631, Gävle, Sweden.

E-mail: info@sofwen.com

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