Our Partners

Miljögiraff AB

We are working closely with Miljögiraff on developing software solutions to share, collect & discusses environmental issues linked to business activities in an easy and faster ways. The company has two clear line of business.
The first one is environmental strategies based on Life Cycle Management. Miljögiraff aims to provide its client with comprehensive basis material that show which part of
the clients business that uses most resources, material, energy and have the highest environmental load. From this material strategies are formed to identify where
the biggest potential for improvement and savings are.The second line is...

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Ecodesign-Company GmbH

The "ECODESIGN company" engineering & management consultancy GmbH provides high-level services in developing and marketing of eco-products. Our services are based on a globally recognized expertise and knowledge in product related environmental issues together with a strong international network. We are representative of the company and reseller of Ecodesign+ software in Sweden.

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Thomas Betong AB

Thomas Betong AB is a part of Thomas Concrete Group and is one of our first client in Sweden.From 60 years the company is in the market, and now is one of the leading suppliers of high-quality mixed concrete in Sweden. By combining the delivery of concrete with their precast products and wide range of services, the company ensures complete and effective solutions for your building project. Sofwen has developed a web based and mobile applications of CO2-Calculator for the company to calculate building material"concrete" footprint.

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Want to be our partner?

We believe in team work is the best way to find a best solution of any problem. Sofwen is building a partner network of industry-leading companies to deliver customers end-to-end environmental management and software solutions. Our Business Partner Program enables innovation and give competitive advantages to the alliances. To know more about please it contact us.

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Current Projects

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Mobile cards Retail & Management system(iOS App)

This system enable a person's capabilities of managing a large number of its mobiles cards (any type) retailers in efficient, transparent and cost effective ways. This product gives you a great business opportunity with little investment.

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Real State Business Website

We are developing website for real state business. The three unique features that users will enjoy through this web-page application are;
1. Selling & Buying properties, apartments and businesses
2. Investment opportunities & Consultancy with map location facilities
3. Support channel for legal documentation

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